Our Services

  • Management Consulting
  • Interim Management Function
  • Supplier Acquisition & Management
  • Supply Chain Management Analysis
  • Global mMrket Analysis
  • Conducting Courses/ Trainings
  • Quality Management & Audit Service

Management consultancy

You still have spare capacity or you recognize your own potential for the future, but do not know how to tackle things? We analyze your company situation and help you fully uncover your potential.

Our detailed offer:

  • Current situation analysis
  • Definition of target groups and stakeholders
  • UCompany orientation by means of vision, mission and mission statement as well as strategy derivations
  • Guidance Workshops
  • Process optimization

Interim management function

Are you in a short-term need for someone in a management role?

We are there for you and take on transitional management functions or your department management in full. The strategic consulting of your company is just as central as the management and monitoring of your operational activities.

Remain capable of action and successful, even during a transitional phase at the executive level.

Supplier Acquisition & Management

The performance of some of your vendors does not meet your needs, and you may not have the time or capacity to find a better alternative? We will take care of that for you!

We support you whether you want to win isolated suppliers, or optimize the supplier structure of an entire product group.

Benefit from our network and portfolio of reliable and high-performance partners, which we will gladly convey to you.

Supply Chain Management Analysis

High stock levels, long delivery times, bottlenecks and thus dissatisfied customers concern you?

A supply chain that is not optimal, tailored to the needs of the customer, is often the cause of entrepreneurial or economic difficulties.
A look at the value chain from procurement through production to delivery shows potential for optimizing your efficiency.

Use our know-how and improve your processes noticeably and sustainable.

Global market analysis

You have only focused on your local market so far, but feel that in today’s age “more” should be possible?

We help you find the optimal suppliers for your company in the global procurement market. We evaluate global sources for you and facilitate your entry into the global procurement markets with all their challenges and customs through our know-how.

Likewise, we support you in international customer acquisition and help you successfully convince them of your company’s value as a future partner.

Courses and training

You want a longterm knowledge transfer into your company or improve your employees’ skills in negotiations?

Benefit from our expertise and years of experience in purchasing, quality management, project and process management.

We train your employees in these areas or train them to reach the optimal behavior in important negotiations. We would also like to formulate individual recommendations for action after a comprehensive analysis of your current structure and processes and then train your team on this basis.

Quality Management & Audit Service

Together we improve your process quality, your services and, thus, the quality of your products. We support you in introducing or improving regular and optimal controls. Together, we will Implement quality systems and optimize your structures.

We also provide suppliers audits in the metalworking industry or the electrical engineering sector and provide meaningful assessments through our relevant industry knowledge.